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VIC Face and Body Cloth

VIC Face and Body Cloth

This unassuming 100% cotton wash cloth has quite a long history. A British company that made bandages during WWII needed something to keep their company going in peacetime and developed this cloth. Shelia Dorr, an American living in England discovered the cloth, and was so enamored of it that she persuaded the company to allow her to distribute it in the US. Eventually the manufacturer of the cloth went out of business, so Dorr purchased all the remaining stock of the cloth and moved production to the US, where they are still made today. What makes the cloth unique is that the different strands of cotton are twisted in the manufacturing process and therefore shrink at different rates during wetting and drying. The result is a pebbled surface that exfoliates splendidly but never feels too abrasive.

    • Country of Design
    • UK + USA
    • Year of Design
    • 1957
    • Dimensions
    • 14"L x 10"H
$ 14.00
VIC Face and Body Cloth

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